View of picnic area and trees | North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin

Easy Day Hikes


Lakeshore Trail
This trail follows the north shore of Lake Chelan for 17 miles to Prince Creek. The day hiker can go as far as he feels up to, and then turn around. Few will choose to go any further than the seven miles to Moore Point (14 miles round trip) before heading back to Stehekin. The trail has only slight ups and downs for the first four miles to Flick Creek.

This is the ideal trail for a morning or evening stroll if you are staying at the North Cascade Lodge at Stehekin because the trailhead is close by. It is also a nice day hike with small children as it is easy walking. When they get tired, you can turn around and return without waiting for transportation. Since you don’t gain much elevation on this trail, the views are limited to the lake, Stehekin Valley, and the surrounding mountains. The best view on this trail is 5.9 miles down lake at Hunts Bluff where you are 400 feet above the lake with a good view of the surrounding area.

Stehekin River Trail
This trek takes you 4 miles to Weaver Point on the south shore of Lake Chelan where you will find a large public campground and a sandy beach for those who like cold water swimming. The way is mostly forested and you are only in view of the river along three different stretches. This is a nice cool hike for a hot day and comes complete with a few fishing holes along the way.

The trailhead is 4.5 miles up valley from the boat landing and across Harlequin Bridge. Follow Company Creek Road 125 yards and take a left into the NPS maintenance area. Follow the signs.

Agnes Gorge Trail
Agnes Gorge Trail takes you 2.5 miles to a 210-foot-deep gorge with only 300 feet elevation gain. As far as scenery is concerned, this is a favorite of the easy trails. The trail opens up in a couple of places for a nice view of 8,115-foot Agnes Mountain. After two miles, you’ll reach a small stream that crosses the trail – be prepared to get your feet wet in early summer! From this stream, it is only a half-mile trek to the edge of the gorge where there was, at one time, a suspension bridge across to the other side. If you hike approximately fifty feet, you will find a path that continues upstream. Follow this and it will take you down to the water’s edge near a 15-foot waterfall and a view of the gorge. This is also a great place for a lunch stop.

To find the trailhead, cross High Bridge heading up-valley. At the top of the hill, you will see Agnes Creek Trail taking off to your left. This IS NOT the trail you want. Continue past the road that leads to High Bridge Campground about 125 feet and you will see where the Agnes Gorge Trail leaves the road on your left.

The Old Wagon Road
Old Wagon Road was built to service the prospecting community of Bridge Creek. The road has long been rerouted, but the original road now makes a very gentle and quite pleasant hike. Catch the Stehekin Shuttle to High Bridge and continue up the road for another 1.5 miles. The Old Wagon Road trail will take off on your right. The trail splits shortly thereafter. The left path will take you 3 miles to Bridge Creek Camp. If you stay right on the trail, you will connect to the Howard Lake trail system, from which you can access Howard Lake, McGregor Mountain, or High Bridge.

Flat Creek Trail
Be sure to get an early start on this trail. The trailhead is approximately 6.1 miles from Carwash Falls. Take the Old Wagon Road to Bridge Creek Camp, where it meets back up with the Stehekin Valley Road. Flat Creek Trail takes off from the road a few hundred yards above Park Creek Bridge. As the name implies, this trail is quite flat and only 3.3 miles in length. Many enjoy this trail during the fall foliage season. If you don’t mind fighting a little brush, this is also a good area to catch cutthroat trout.